Nepal Fireplace Project.

As many of you will know we have been involved with a number of community projects in the lower Solu Khumbu area of Nepal. Last year with funds raised through the Rotary Club of Blenheim South,  the generosity of friends & family we were able to raise in excess of $6000 towards this project.

With the help of our contact in the villages of Jubing & Khari Khola we were able to install 53 fireplaces in local family homes.

The photograph below is an actual installation we saw on our trip to the area last May .

The benefits of these cooking stoves over the traditional open hearth are life changing & will benefit these families for generations to come.

  • They flue smoke and fumes outside the home.
  • These stoves consume 60% less fuel (locally harvested wood) than the open hearth.
  • They generate an more thermal heat than traditional cooking methods.
  • Major health benefits for all the family.


The bricks for these stoves are made by locally trained people & installed by the local village people. This also adds benefits to the local economy, creating local paid employment by & for the local community.

This is the best and most rewarding project that Frances & I have been involved with. It has all the benefits and outcomes we could hope for. We went to Nepal in May of this year to monitor and see the outcomes of your efforts.

The estimates of costings for the initial batch of the stoves turned out to be on the low side, we had estimated that we would do 60 stoves but in the outcome we did 53 only. However in discussion with Dhana Rai , our local community worker, they amended the design & strengthened with the addition of an iron frame at the firebox entry.  The cost for production and installation is now $130  (NZ $) what a bargain cost for such a superb outcome!

First of all we would like to thank all of you who contributed last year to make this such an outstanding success.  Dhana & the local community send thanks to all of us who contributed , they have asked if more stoves can be provided. So we invite all our friends & contacts who may wish to join with us again this year to contribute towards one of these fireplaces. As we have said $130 is a full fireplace but any contribution will be very much appreciated & will go towards a stove for a family.

Just another couple of points which may be of interest,

All donations will be transferred to Nepal through Rotary NZ World Community Service  (RNZWCS) & qualify for tax deductible charitable donation.

ALL the funds go to the project , no admin costs, no commissions etc.

And on a final note, Nepal is the worlds poorest country outside of Africa, a good many of us have enjoyed the hospitality of trekking in the Himalayas & is a chance to reciprocate a little goodwill...

Any donations you may wish to make can be direct transferred to the Trust account of the Rotary Club of Blenheim South  account no.

Please note , your name & Nepal stoves..

Danyabat (Nepali for thanks)


Paul n Frances Eden.